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How to listen to the vehicle symptoms

The safety and integrity of vehicle is an important part of vehicle safety. It is the easiest way for everyone to neglect the safety of fastening screws. How do we check whether the tire bolts are tightened? Generally speaking, friends do not deliberately check it. Even through their own experience, I introduce to you the tips of judging whether the hub screws are loose by listening to the tire noise.

When the hub screws are loose, the brake is slicked down on the downhill, and the wheels will make tiny knocks. If the rear wheel screws are loose, the sound of the wheels will be amplified through the trunk, which may be mistaken for the things placed in the back box.

When the hub screws are loose, the wheels will swing in the course of travel. When they are low, they will hear more obvious clicks. At this point, they should stop checking the hub screws immediately.

In order to ensure the safety of their own, please make sure that friends must form the habit of checking before driving.

1. to form a good habit of checking the tire and wheel screw before going on the car and prevent the accident of losing the wheel. At the same time, it should also check the situation of the body and the deformation of the tire.

2. form the habit of observing and listening to the sound of the car. Once it is found that there is a different noise in the car's running, be sure to check it carefully.

3. the habit of regularly checking 4 oil, 2 water, spare tire pressure and wheel screw, should be handled in time for the problems found, and can not be delayed. Such as the lack of spare tyre pressure, when it comes to change, only to find the spare tire is not available.

4. special attention should be paid to the special situation. For example, the operation of the front and rear wheel swaps and other operations must be carefully checked to see if the tire screws are tight enough, and a tight screw is often tightened to prevent the screws running away.

5. rotten road should check the tire, shock and other components, especially any tire damage, prevent injuries in high speed tire blowouts occurred in major accidents.

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